Welcome to the  National 3 Wheelers Association Inc. (Trike Club)

The National 3 Wheelers Association is an Incorporated Association dedicated to riders of trikes, motorbikes converted to trikes and motorbike and sidecar combinations, and their families, for the purpose of socialising and riding together. Membership is open to anyone with an interest in trikes and/or three wheeled motor vehicles.

Our trike club encourages involvement of its members with events and rides. These take the form of social day rides, dinner get-togethers and overnight stays. A quarterly newsletter is produced along with an Events Calendar. A minimum of two events is held each month with more scheduled during the warmer months.


  • To foster interest in trikes and to promote the safe enjoyment and acceptance of these trike vehicles.
  • To promote social outings for members and their families through organised day rides, weekend and mid-week overnight odyssey’s, social gatherings and such other events as may be suitable for trikes.
  • Maintain contact with trike vehicle enthusiasts nationally and elsewhere.
  • Provide information to prospective owners of trikes.
  • Offer our services to special needs organisations, 
    i.e. Wheelchair Sports, Very Special Kids, Good Friday Appeal etc.

The National 3 Wheelers Association is part of a fast growing community of trike riders and offers a very family orientated lifestyle. Our club will assist you with your passion for trikes by offering any advice you may need and organises plenty of rides throughout the year to come and join in.

Overnight trike rides are very social combining plenty of rides, scenic visits and socialising throughout the day. It truly offers the best environment for any trike rider regardless of age and gender.

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